Storm Within

Storm Within short poem

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As the rain pours down from the skies,
So have a million tears fallen from my eyes.
As the thunder clashes, and the clouds begin to roll,
So does the pounding of my heart that you stole!
As the lighting splits across the sky, in the darkest of night,
So does my heart,at this awful sight.
A heart that was broken, broken by love you see,
A storm within, you caused in me.
Raging winds, pouring rain, lightning it’s all there,
And in this storm, only I am here to bare.
And these memories of a love so cold,
Lay like a mist across the road.
A raging storm which soon will end,
My love for you no more I send.
My love is now gone, and so am I,
No longer for you, shall my heart cry.
When your memory comes to mind,
No love for you can I find,
It is a void, without Shape or form,
No longer in me a raging storm.
As the spring brings forth, all things new,
My heart now, no longer beats for you,
A new love now, my heart can find,
With you no longer in my mind!

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Writing is my escape from the problems and hassles of life sometimes! My poems are written on things based in my life and are tru- I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!
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