The Image

The Image short poem

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Each morning as I get up out of bed,
All kinds of thoughts go through my head.
In my heart I search for peace of mind,
Just one certain answer I hope to find!
Another day with all things that are new,
Just one certain answer which is true.
Before an answer can be given to me;
A question must first be asked you see.
Who is that, Will I find out today?
What is that, lest he should go astray:
The mirror does not tell me in words to hear,
But casts an image, which I fear.
A man standing there just looking at me;
As if a closer look he would like to see.
The look in his eyes at a steadfast glare;
As if with him I had something to share.
I see him once a day yet we do not speak,
Maybe today I will tell him for what I seek.
As I make my way to the place I dread;
Trying to start the conversation in my head.
As I step up to the mirror we stand face to face;
How he makes me feel so out of place.
For he copies every little thing I do,
So today I blurted out-just who the hell are you?
We spoke the same thing at the same time you see;
And once again he just copied me!
The answer to this question I may never know,
Yet my walk in life; to you; the answer he does show.

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Writing is my escape from the problems and hassles of life sometimes! My poems are written on things based in my life and are tru- I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!
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Love this! The image is powerful…the head leaning back, the neck defined, a
struggle to see and really understand ones self. We look inside ourselves for
the answers, yet sometimes, we are in denial and pretend we see something
more. I think we all at some point in our lives go through this. Wonderful


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