Dreams You Shouldn’t Dream Of

Dreams You Shouldnt Dream Of short poem

Photo by Esther Kirby

Post-human in this unlimited universe
Are the dreams of scientists
Mutation and cloning won’t be perfect
They will cause many side-effects
Destroy this wonderful world with undead
With many new failed human beings created
Imagine if people will never die
What a boring earth…
to see all the same old people
in each and every century
People will try to kill each other for fun
There will be no happiness of new birth
No joy of being parents and growing old
Life will be useless and colorless
Because lands will full of people
The beauty of the sea will disappear
Humans will live randomly without rules
Without heart, soul and feelings
What makes human a human
Is not just a body, but humanity
and mortality…

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2 Comments on "Dreams You Shouldn’t Dream Of"

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I liked reading this one—and people killing people
just for fun sadly happens now in our world. Inhuman people
I call them. Yes I agree meddling with Nature well hopefully
she will win. As you say develop humanity.
Sorry for wandering but your poem made my
mind think out of the box a bit. Thankyou for sharing.


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