She Belongs To The Sea

She Belongs To The Sea ode

I have learned how to swim
how could this be?
you warned me if I played with water
life is no guarantee

you attempted to explain, how every time you swim
it feels like life has but opened a new door
and just the smell of saltwater on the beach
tempts questions of what God has in store

I remember when it rained
how the drops fell from the sky and I felt free
while looking for you in the most transparent of waters
I only found nullity of the highest degree

you tried so long to run and hide
as if you could hide your problems in the back of a sock drawer
until you stumbled upon the ocean
and the water began to fill you up beneath the core

I was lost upon one clouded night
at sight of the trusted lighthouse, I started to flee
and holding your hand just may well be my anchor
so I tried to drift away again at sea

you have stayed afloat through crashing waves and rapid currents
as others became familiar with an ocean bottom decor
keeping your head above rising water
and at all costs avoiding the shore
is it true? have you deceived yourself?
could these waves hide your internal war?

so whether you exist for tomorrow’s tide
if you’re meant to swim far away or toward me
if there is one thing I am for certain
you belong to the sea.

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