Will They Let Me Open My Eyes?

It’s nice in here, warm and cozy
And dark and oh-so-quiet
Except for the strange ‘thump-thump’
And the occasional words of love.

I’ve heard mama talking to me
Telling me of the world out there
She talks about squirrels and sparrows
About autumn leaves and spring tulips.

She tells me that roses are red
And she says that I’ll look like one, too
She tells me that I’m safe in here
Because angels are watching over me.

She tells me about something called ‘love’
She hopes I’ll find it some day
She says not to worry about anything
Because she and papa would love me always.

But then she says it’s a cruel world
That I was better off in here
Sometimes I’ve heard mama and papa shouting
And I think maybe she’s right.

She says people are selfish and rude
And that they are callous
She tells me of the damage they’ve caused
To the world and to themselves.

She says people lie and hurt others
Do just about anything to get their way
She says I should be careful in placing my trust,
Because I could easily fall from grace.
Papa used to talk to me, too
He said I was a gift, a miracle
But he doesn’t talk to me anymore
He stopped after I turned out to be a girl.

I think mama is happy, though
But happy and sad all at once
Because ever since she found out I’m a girl,
I’ve heard her crying a lot.

No matter how ugly or beautiful mama says the world is,
I want to see and explore for myself.
I’m scared, though, because papa’s always angry these days
Will they let me open my eyes?

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Pooja Krishna

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HI guys! I'm Pooja, and let me first tell you that it took a LOT of courage, encouragement and coaxing from my friends and family to let me display my works to others' criticism. I started writing when I was thirteen, a short poem about my 2 day old nephew, and from then on, the pen has never been put down. I also write novels and short stories, and am about 1 step away from being published. I am a dilettante, and I fervently wish to be a teacher one day, spreading the joy of reading and writing. I'm quite boring, actually, so let me finish with this favourite quote of mine:“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.” -- Joss Whedon
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Swathi Rao

Having a sweet little girl, I cannot imagine how the context of this poem, can ever happen, and yet we know it does happen. The easy subtle message of this poem, reaches the soul!!

Ravindran Govindaraju

# All those in growing years pink becomes nightmare and blue :
Candid unveiled parody of those untold story of children’s of lesser gods .
A true Poetic Justice! !
Well crafted blank verse .Thank You .

Editorial Board

@Aanchal_Srivastava, the battle of the sexes is fought even in the womb by the unborn. The preference given to one and the dismay for having the other held true even in ancient societies where supremacy is thought to be inherent to the male sex. It was even the belief in some places that to be a female is to be in a state of punishment. The stigma is still felt in some present communities. In the Biblical census done to the Israelites, only the males were counted. And the passage of time has still not erased that mentality in some localities where customs and traditions assign the females to a lower level.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Very beautifully crafted.Keep writing Krishna.Cheers.


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