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We have erred from the path.
We have succumbed to the illusions of our foolish desires.
We have extended our hand to brush against her beauty, even if for a moment.
We have broken our vow.
For this we have suffered. We have been stung by the barbs of her disloyalty.
For this we have spit venom upon ourselves, burning against the skin as it drips from our teeth.
For this the Solitude mocks us, boasting in its victory with fervor.
Alone we kneel in darkness.
Perfection guide us.
Alone we wage war against the terrors of the night.
Perfection save us.
With every nightfall, we stare deep into the harsh gaze of the Solitude.
Soon our beloved mentor will depart, and our enemy will be mightier than titans.
Yet the Perfection is mightier, and has called a traveler to cross our twisted path.
We gazed in awe as her very steps smoothed the jagged edges without difficulty.
How we wished to learn her secret.
The venom turned to silver as we pleaded for the Traveler’s attention. Yet with every glance she cast upon us, we hadn’t the strength to look on.
How we wished we could meet her gaze.
Her company was short-lived, yet we cannot help but admire the footsteps she left behind.
How we wished for her to stay.
We shall press forward on this grueling path, holding firm that the Traveler will return to polish the road once more.

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Born and raised in the bustling city of Los Angeles, I'm just a person who spends way too much time in his own mind and wants nothing more than to create, discover, and share beauty in all shapes and forms.
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