Reading Emily Dickinson’s Poem

Reading Emily Dickinsons Poem short poem

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If Hope is the thing with feathers,
perhaps Life is that stony thing, that stony Enigma.
If someday, somehow, somewhere,
I catch some glimpses
of what makes a heart, a stone,
and what makes a stone, watery
before someone dies…

What makes stones, water and heart stick together
at that temperature and ambience,
at different temperatures and ambiences.
What makes them cohere
in those particular forms and shapes,
in those particular weight and texture,
under those space-time conditions
which we can scarcely think about.

What makes them reticent, austere, almost immortal
when framed into a poem,
when we don’t see any dinosaurs around,
except those pebbles which are already around
before all those species of dinosaurs appeared.

Perhaps someday, I may even glimpse
some of the starlights within,
and how they stick together
my eyes, ears, nose, tongue, head,
my fingers, palms, thighs, knees and legs.
Or how they make me think such enigmatic,
cosmic things in the middle of the night
and type these lines when I ought to be hiding
my squarish head under a soft, non-enigmatic pillow.

Or perhaps even my present pillow
has the potential to become Platonic, thoughts-stirring,
since it is made up of many puffs of cotton wool,
those precious gifts from the sky, machine-sewn
within two squarish pieces of cloth, before being embedded
within a tender, slothful pillow cover.
These contain equally mysterious
but essential stuff — space, air, hugginess.

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Merton Lee is the author of best-selling ebooks (a) One Thousand Gifts (Where Is God When It Hurts?) published free on Smashwords website, and (b) When Bad Things Happen to Good People (God is biting the bullet theodicy) . He is the well-known author of the Christian articles 'Footprints in the sand (New version year 2013) ' and 'Let's do something beautiful for God'. His poem 'The Road Not Taken' is read by thousands of readers.Born in Singapore in 1969, he is a Christian essayist for the past 10 years. He has studied, reflected on and practised the key insights of the perennial wisdom of Christianity and the major religions for 30 years. He works as a senior Accountant and Finance Manager for more than 20 years in the public sector, contributing his best years to public service.He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1993 with a Bachelor's degree, studying Philosophy, English Literature and Economics. He also obtained Masters degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance from UK (University of Leicester) and another Masters degree in Accountancy from an Australian University with distinguished results, qualifying as an Accountant. He is married for more than 20 years with two children. They live and work in Singapore.
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