The Past

The Past long poem

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It all started when my mother left me,
I started to feel empty.

Days passed by, weeks slowly fading
months began hating me emotionally.

Years and even decades swept suddenly,
My mind said to stop this agony.

I started to go, locked myself alone in my room,
tears began to fall and saw flowers outside stop to bloom.

I know it was too painful but it keeps coming back,
from dreams it turns into nightmares, wished they can talk.

But they’re not, they’re haunting me each and every night,
they want my precious tears to fall, to cry losing my sight.

Despite all those hardships, I managed to be with myself,
exploring different things, nurturing my talents, reading a lot of books in my shelves.

I grow up to be a good boy, a good man,
reducing anxieties, stress, and pain.

Years later, I became happy and lively,
Tears faded, smiles always came out easily.

It took me years to ponder,
then realized what I’ve missed and wonder.

Though, I haven’t seen my real mother and lost my father,
I still have people left of me, my stepmom and step siblings who stood up for me to remember.

There are a lot of people who underestimated me
but few were eager to learn the other side of me.

My only wish is to be strong and healthy, both my mind and my body,
free from stress, pain, agony, accidents, avoiding things are too much to carry….

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Reagan Latumbo

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Singer. Poet Writer.I love singing and singing will always be my stint forever.Just like what I have said above, I am totally a lover of poems.I wrote straight from the heart, from my experience.I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in the Philippines.I dreamed of publishing some of my poems I wrote a few years back until now.
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Makaylah Downs

I love how in the end the speaker knew what he wanted out of life and was okay with what he’s experienced. I loved the positive ending very much. Lovely poem!



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