Alliterative Apocalypse

Alliterative Apocalypse prose poem

Angelic, able-bodied and adventurous amateurs aimed awkwardly at associates after attempting another assassination.

Beleaguered, beaten and broken beasts barely breathing; bathed in beautiful basins. Begging became boasting beyond borders and busty brides blushed before being bought by bashful brutes.

Camps crumbled. Crushed — caravans came carrying cures. Colossal crime waves….

Digitalized despair drowned desperate deviants denying death. Diarrhea dripped down, dooming dogged drunks. Disgusting diseased dumpsters doubled as dwellings for decades…

Egotistic entitlement ended. Energy evaporated, ending economy entirely. Every entry enclosed. Evolution, eventually endured. Early-morning earners entrusted Earth’s entire ecosystem to espionage. Eternal earthquakes eviscerated eels and elephants alike.


Glorious and grand gorillas guarded grateful geezers.

Hierarchy helped hold hopeless homeless hostages.

Indoctrinated idiots informed interstellar impostors of implemented institutional invitations. Infinitely impossible issues instigated inner infighting.

Jokers, jesters and jezebels jabbed jaded jocks and jumped on jaguars while joyfully jeering juxtaposition of Jesus to jubilant Jehova.

Kingdoms of keen killers and kings where kept kempt and neat until the hour of defeat.

Luscious and loveable lackluster sluts strutted about before dusk. Nothing mattered much. Luck was lacking and much was lost. All people remaining gave up on love as a likely end to their lows.

Machinery continued to malfunction in marvelous fashion, leaving most men motionless. Majesty—measuring malice over mercy delivered on both and moved meticulously towards mending mowed down monuments.

Never needing out of necessity—needing out of nausea; nerds and newcomers nestled neatly under nests made of neglected networks of natural stone. Nonetheless, nefarious nomadic nihilists nimbly negotiated nuclear attacks. NIRVANA.

Opting to openly and officially ostracize officials officially ushered in lawlessness.

Pigs and preachers pressured preoccupied pawns, primarily pushing pathetic and pitiful laws. Progress? Pitchforks lined the highways across the pastures of the fallen patriarchs and practitioners likened the pitfalls of plague to plain old punishment. Purgatory.

Questions quickly climbed the social ladder and quelled the feeling of calm.

Rampant and rapid repulsive decapitations revolted rising revolutionists. Rolling skulls rocked hill sides and wreaked havoc on regular folks; whatever regular was.

Sun was dead and many sons would soon be too. Not just here on Earth, but everywhere in our blood spattered society. Reaping the rewards of our soulless cowardice would be the end of our sins and send so many searching for shelter.

Treachery ruled thousands, and the turn of thought was thought to be a turning point but it was short-lived and more trouble than most initially thought. Tears fell and although the people left were visibly disturbed, their insides remained hard and taught. Lifeless shells leaving bloody footprints wherever they dragged their meaningless empty carcasses.

Under umbrellas, undesireable undead and underfed undefined unclean urchins struck each other for crumbs.

Vultures appeared and viciously ripped flesh from vapid victims white bones.

Where most had seen waves of dead before meeting their fate while waiting; Wally wept woefully and was crushed under the weight of a hundred women wondering why we went so far down the well. We went down for wealth. We had it. Where was it?

X-rays revealed exactly what experts predictions had predicted. Exponentially expanding execution only resulted in executions. Exported humanity for the sake of a dollar. The children hollered from below the floor boards but no one came. Examples. Left behind for someone to excavate.

Yellow bellied yes-men yanked younger men from beds and demanded unyielding dedication. This was the end of the road for many and let this be an education.


Written by Michael Lorenzo Porter

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Editorial Board

Whoa! what does one say about a poem like this?! @michael_porter your first submission and it barges in with flair and fanfare into our Editorial Favourites! It is not easy to make words mean so much in alliteration and yet you make it look so simple! That is the ability of a gifted writer and we are proud to have you as a part of our community. Wonderful Poems such as these make our site special and we will really look forward to reading more from you.