Kashmir Weeps

Kashmir Weeps short poem

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Kashmir weeps,
All her admirers abandoned,
She had all to attract,
The beautiful valleys,
Proud and elegant mountains,
Greenary,lakes and what not?
A heaven on earth,
Kashmir weeps,
Curses its destiny,
Literary turned into a military camp,
Rich culture heritage shadowed,
By the presence of war heads,
Bird’s songs replaced by guns,
Worship places become stores of
Weapons,tourists spots vanished,
Blood shed everywhere,
Kasmir weeps.

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3 Comments on "Kashmir Weeps"

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Editorial Board

@sasikumar_variyar, history has been replete with tales of ravished homelands, natural beauty raped by necessity of war, and devastation being the fate of once scenic countrysides. The sons of war will be reared in such circumstances of turmoil and chaos. But let it be said that poetry still thrives inherent in the hearts of many.

Savi Mani

Having seen Kashmir jsut few days before the massive devastation, can feel the pain reflected in this poem, wonderful poem, yes indeed this Heaven on Earth has been scarred…….beyond repair……….wonderful poem…

Nikita Mehendiratta

Great poem.


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