The Colour Red

The Colour Red short poem

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Bright, mesmerizing, enchanting,
Be it a bride’s dress,a lover’s heart or a lonely flower.
Blazing beautifully everywhere,
the color red you are.

The day I was born
Swapping down the uterus wall of my mother’s womb.
You were the one who nourished me
The colour of my mother’s blood, the colour red you were.

When I turned sixteen,
You were the rose presented to me.
Stolen from the garden of Adonis
The song of a lover’s heart, the colour red you were.

Sooner they realized my growth,
I was a burden,a duty and a responsibility.
And once again you were the colour of their fulfilled duty,
The colour of my veil and vermillion
The colour red you were.

Now you were the colour of my ordeals
the colour of the love endowed with lust.
Of the stream of blood running down my parts
You were now
The colour of those patches over my beaten body.
The colour of my fearful dreams even on sleepless nights.
You were the one whom I despised most
The colour red you were.

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9 Comments on "The Colour Red"

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nice. Very beautiful.

Ravindran Govindaraju

# All hues carry a melody and melancholy .
Red me flushes bold and bare :
Sweat and Toil and ideas core .! #
I enjoyed the similies..narrative* Beaten body /lust ..!

ratnaprabha raykar

a good one!

Emily Liang

What a beautiful poem! I like your flow, kudos to you on such a good write!

Barbara Matteau

I like how you carried the passage of time as if was the flow of red as blood, as life. Very moving poem!

Geetha Paniker

That’s a beautiful expression of the color red, though it pulls at some chords.


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