An Absent Minded Mouse

I once saw a mouse
Upon a doll’s house
Sniffing and twitching his nose
I asked how he was
And he looked right across
And said, not too bad I suppose

I asked, Are you waiting
For someone or thing
He sighed, no I’m lost
And it’s a fine ding-a-ling

I asked, can I help or show you the way
Where were you headed or going today
He said I don’t know for I’m really quite small
I thought I’d remember but I just can’t recall

He started to sniffle
Then started to cry
I said now don’t get upset
I’m not, I’ve something in my eye!

I gave him a hankie
See if this helps
He wiped his face
Blew his nose and yelped!

I asked, what’s wrong now
Have you hurt your nose?
No he replied
I’ve just stubbed my toes

He shuddered and trembled
And gave a great sneeze
He cried I’ve remembered
I was going for some cheese

He thanked me and said
I must be on my way
The shop will soon close
It’s Wednesday; half day

He scuttled away
With his tail close behind
I thought, well how strange
It’ll play on my mind

That hankie was a gift
From my great uncle Bob
That rascal just took it
Without even a nod

Written on August 2009

This poem is part of the Poetry Book “Positively Poetic – Volume 3

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ALL POEMS ©2015 DARREN SCANLON. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. * Words and music have always played a major role in my life. A life without being able to enjoy music and express in words would be, for me, empty and cold.I have been writing since age 16, some 30+ years now but have only recently started publishing my works. Since doing so in Dec 2013, I have published 4 novels and 5 volumes of poetry, (available on words are my life. If they touch you in any way, if you are able to take something from them, then my work has achieved its goal and I am a happy man.Welcome to my world. Darren.
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Ha Ha you never cease to amaze me loved it,


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