Walking By Windows

Walking By Windows long poem

Photo by Tanel Teemusk

The vagabond was once again on the window,
Begging love and asking to open the gate,
And the fairy inside the house reluctant,
Said helpless she was being slave of the fate,

First you peep in the four windows,
Starting from a slum to a palace very nice,
Go and see what happens on the earth,
Come back if the fire does not turn into ice,

It’s an enchanted house, its keys you will get,
If you can keep intact your fire inside,
But if you are turned in a cold frozen flush,
Just watch me from the window outside.

The peeper was amused so easy it looked,
He went to a slum by the dirty drainage,
Vomiting started but he was constrained,
The needy of love moved on garbage.

He peeped inside a hut of the slum,
A child was crying and asking her mother,
Food, food, I am hungry, I am dying,
You’re careless and you don’t bother,

With tearful eyes the widow replied,
Go to the corner cigarette shop,
You will find standing many gentlemen,
Ask them, do you need some exciting pop?

Bring someone get some advance,
Go to a hotel have awesome food,
Come back after call for the predawn prayers,
For your mother too please bring some food.

A cold wave started blowing within me,
In the heat strokes of the early hot June,
Someone from the far, who was he?
Playing on the violin a very sad tune,

Child came out from the hut of pains,
I stopped the child and gave some money,
Go and bring some food for the two,
I can only provide a few drops of honey,

What next I don’t know I am not the God,
Why it happens why it is so how long will it go,
I have come on a mission now should leave,
To the next window please let me go.

It’s a colony of a poor ailing lower class,
All the windows are open at this place,
A man is beating his beautiful wife,
An unseen pain on the husband’s face,

He is an addict and in trouble at this time,
He is asking for money and beating his wife,
She earns livelihood by cutting and stitching,
Her earnings have become a source of strife,

From the money I brought some flour and pulses,
Now I don’t have any more left for your drugs,
He pulled her shirt and turned her out,
Come back with money, his shameless shrugs!

The woman when saw me she was afraid,
I gave her some money and also my shirt,
My palms my feet all turned cold,
Throats were dry I forgot my flirt.

Next window a colony of middle class,
I selected a window for peeping inside,
Loud voices were coming out of it,
Scene difficult and hard to abide,

Have extra income from your office,
To a husband it was telling his wife,
Everyone is earning by accepting the bribes,
A couple I saw in a serious strife,

I have to deposit school fees of children,
Any extra income why don’t you bring,
Your salary is over now what can I do,
They will stay at home in the coming morning,

The husband said I am an honest man,
Get rid of your honesty and join the tribe,
I can’t I am honest because my job,
Does not provide an opportunity of the bribe,

The money that was left I threw inside,
Heat of money now gone with a breeze,
I was cold like water of a lake in winter,
That is too cold and about to freeze.

To a nice palace of rich upper class,
Anyhow I moved forward once again,
I didn’t find any window to peep,
With so many pains and my refrain,

I climbed on a tree and jumped inside,
Two dogs started barking at me,
They pulled my trousers from my legs,
They were in mood of parking at me,

I ran and found an open window,
Once again I jumped inside a room,
It was a side room, with a door to the blow,
From the key hole I managed a zoom,

I peeped inside found a barking wife,
You did not come with a handsome friend,
You old impotent I told you several times,
To come with a friend at every weekend,

Kicked in her husband in dark side room,
When he saw me there he was afraid,
In just under wears looked like a thief,
I told him my story and I then said,
I want a dress be kind to redress,
He smiled and uttered, I am in need,
Take a dress you like from the wardrobe,
We are now friends, friends in deed,

While he was knocking at the violent bed room,
Darling! My friend is here see him if you can,
I put on a dress jumped back to the lawn,
As fast as I can to the gates I ran,

The dogs and the guard did not bother to see,
A block of ice rolling down to the gate,
I ran and ran to my hot lovely home,
That was my fate, it’s never too late!

(Inspired by Saadat Hassan Manto’s short story Thanda Gosht, Cold Flesh)

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6 Comments on "Walking By Windows"

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Wow a wonderous read and story told so so well. You have now inspired me to read the book.
Thankyou for sharing.

ammu sachariah

V ery interesting poem .

Savi Mani

Sahadat Hussain Manto being my favourite, i was prompted to read this poem, wonderful poem!!!!! well written!!!


Windows are the bridges to human mind and story…wonderful!


Truly great piece to read and a great work indeed . Windows can be called a platform of live show. One when looks out of the window can see the lively film with the different characters much interesting than the artificial films. They are the companion of lonely and hope for many. Loved to read this poem. Indeed great work.


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