Home Alone!

Home Alone! short poem

Today, like everyday

You forgot to smile at the mirror

The house waved and waved

You probably didn’t notice!

Buses and cars and people and dogs

The sun was scanning them all

Realization. Oh! I forgot my handkerchief

You missed the drawer’s creaky call

Office work must be served on table

Overeating is your habit

You left the bedroom window open

The room breathes heat

Two arms of an old clock

Move through the day in pain

You gulp a hot sip of water at office

The kitchen refrigerator grumbles. Again!

Projects, files, reports and deadlines

You worry “There’s so much to do”

An empty house, silent and still

Desperately keeps waiting for you.

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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When poetry touches the soul, everything starts making sense. The inner world seems real and the outer one becomes bearable. When thoughts mixed with words travel through the empty spaces of mind, poetry happens to me. It always has been a mysterious force guiding me through. With two published books and one amaturish blog, I consider myself blessed to have started this journey. An old diary with think brown cover and an over used, end bitten pen. That’s where real magic begins! May you find your undiscovered meanings in my poems. May existence make sense. Even if just for a little while.
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Editorial Board

Homesickness transferred to the object that evokes it – the home! @Chandrama its a nice take on what we all feel as we go through the rut and rote of life (!) waiting for the moment when we will be home again…Sweeet!



Michael Moyer

I read a few of your poems .They flow good I enjoyed them a lot. I am new to this site and waiting for my first poem to be published. Just trying to make friends.

Michael Moyer

I gotta get this post thing down.

Michael Moyer

@chandrama I have to get use to how this site is set up sorry about the mess ups. I hope they get published soon too and again I hope you will like them.

Michael Moyer

@chandrama If you are interested you can read some of my poems on lit.org. Search michaelpatrick. You can leave comments on there also. And thank you for getting back to me. You seem kind hearted.

Veerendra Shivhare (Veer)

Love the way you ended it..

“An empty house, silent and still,
Desperately keeps waiting for you.”

Fabrizio Frosini

a fine lyric, well penned, @chandrama; I like the flow of thoughts and actions outside, in contrast with the silent house, waiting for you to return..
And I see that in your bio, also, you show your poetical nature : “.. hope you find your own new meanings in my verses. Hope you get to the core of existence, through words…through poems. Amen.” nice words.. 🙂

Michael Moyer

Love your poems @chandrama love this one as well.You have a deep soul Chandrama,Beautiful also.

Marya pitaz

wow i can connect to this poem very well sounds too real i love it

Swathi Rao

That’s some good work, Chandrama.. 🙂 Most of us like our work, but for the empty home waiting for our attention.. Lovely poem..


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