Broken Chains

Chains remain chains till the time they are token
Of all love and affection by staying knitted well
But when hatred overtakes they stand broken
Then love no more aspires to dwell in hell

In the darkness of quagmire of all dirty designs
Suspicions and doubts overrule all sincerity
All aspirants play their role in all symbols and signs
Hence crops up all hatred and jealousy with disparity

Shelters should not be eaten up by the tricks
Elders should not be play game in hands of few
Roof can not sustain with a wall of broken bricks
Flowers do require for graces, drops of dew

When shelters are no more then no need of any relation
Broken chains should continue to remain broken
When time is time barred then no need of salvation
When hatred is ingrained then no need of love token

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Muhammad Khalid Khan

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I did Masters in English Language and Literature, LLB, Masters in Educational Administration from University of the Punjab Lahore, I also did Masters in TEFL (Applied Linguistics) and Diploma in Teaching English as an International Language under the auspices of British Council and American Center. I served in PAKISTAN ARMY as an English Instructor .I am a poet and writer. I remained Editor of Pakistan Army Journal, Pakistan Defense Review, Army Green Book and The Rising Crescent..., I published my three books in English Poetry namely Feelings, Chains of Life and Golden Glow..Poetry is my passion not profession
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Kavita Jaitly

The metaphoric representation of hatred in a relationship is very well illustrated in this poem. Hatred is believed to be more of an attitude or disposition than a temporary emotional state. Awesome!


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