Last Night’s Dream

I don’t recall much from last night’s dream
only that you were there
and so was I
for the first time in quite a while

I remember your figure
glowing in the darkness of sleep
so brightly it threatened to wake me

Your wine dark eyes
searching me
with a look oddly unfamiliar

There was a scent of fresh flowers
and I smiled
your room used to smell this way
Those flowers have gone now
Much like you

As I stood there
witnessing your figure
I began to think about the last time I saw you like this
truly glowing with beauty

It was last winter

The trees were gray
The sky was gray
The people were gray
But you were gold

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2 Comments on "Last Night’s Dream"

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Mahrukh Ali

i find it difficult to remember my dreams. i wish dreams were as crystal clear as this. Each detail, each colour defined..nobody would need a Freud.

Chandrama Deshmukh

What a beautiful piece @ian_thompson
Especially the way this poem ends.
The imagery of your poem leaves me spellbound.

We all keeps swaying between these greys and gold.
You have worded it so aptly.

Let me go and catch hold of more of your poems.
Keep writing!


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