On A Cloud

On A Cloud short poem

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On a cloud
As I stand poised on a mountaintop
waiting for a cloud to engulf me
Euphoria reaches a crescendo
as it nears me

Urge all my senses to capture
every essence of the incomer
I am swathed by a misty haze

Hit by the sudden onslaught of chillness
I flounder
numbed by the floating water crystals
I clamour for more; but in vain

Nudged by the wind, the cloud moves forward
Leaving me behind, with nothing in my grasp

Success too is ever fleeting
Slide begins as soon as victory stems
Be wary, let not success cloud your reason

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1 Comment on "On A Cloud"

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Ravindran Govindaraju

# A pragmatic theme about life .
” Leaving behind me,with nothing in my grasp..Slide begins “.
Veritable truth as much Poetic justice .
Thank you , Ratnaprabha Raykar


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