Wanderer short poem

Pander to the broken

once more shall you see, the changes made,

Above the mighty Stereo

Surrendering, only to ignite streams to pour

From the fountain of the Infinite Well.

Oh! allow such splendor to splash upon a page

Aplomb! I find it quite rapturous,

To Devour poetry through the Heart

Instead of my eyes, divided. Please!

I beg of you the same!

Feel instead, a pull. Instead of lending the head

Feel free to roam the landscapes of the Endless.

why did I ever bother to dream of being bound?

when I could have instead roamed the depths of the unfound?

Tired, and fiercely unprepared. I wandered, unkempt,

And quietly unearthed. I mumbled to the winds,

Upon sight of the sand mounds

I was reminded of an urge

For a tender breast. To cosy up

Once again a woman’s legs,

Who knew I would ache, so deeply again?

The pleasure is lost,But not the dream.

Every man feels the throb to return.

Home is the Heart’s residence

Home is where the feet wish to return,

Back and fro, an illusion,

Nothing more,

Already complete,

Home. Is what we are seeking,

And nothing more.

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2 Comments on "Wanderer"

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Editorial Board

A seeker and yet a homing bird – contradictory but so true for many.. @Satyn you capture both in your poetry, the freedom of the wandering soul and its longing to be back where it belongs..Refreshing piece of writing which is a pleasure to read and review, both for its meaning and the language which conveys it.


I loved your poem and it did strike a cord too.
Being alone is me now, but not loneliness, that
is what I felt reading your poem., your aloneness.


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