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”You live in a queer world of dreams, Mr. Ahmed
Turning odd imaginations to mere fancy words
Bejeweled by baffling metaphors and similes
That one mightn’t get the hang of with ease
Why don’t you eschew the pesky rhyme rule,
As D.H Lawrence and Walt Whitman did?
Switch to chaste, free-verse poetry instead
Of having a big, sentimental, slushy head”

”I neither dwell in Lawrence’s nor Whitman’s planet
For I live in my own enchanted, poetic world
Rhyme-less poems are no delight to me, Mr. Paul
Poems and paragraphs aren’t the same, after all
Whether a writer rhymes, ruminates, or not
That depends entirely on the poet’s taste
A poem is a splendent verse, an alluring art
An inner voice, a majestic vision of the heart”

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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

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I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I started writing at the age of 11. I am a passionate poet and I use the power of my heart and my imaginations to write poems. I've been writing poetry for five years. I initially wrote free-verse poetry but I was inspired by William Wordsworth's poems and then I switched to rhythmic poetry. I am a poet of emotions and sentimentality. I embellish my thoughts and ideas by adding several metaphors, idioms, and similes. In 2013, I participated in an inter-school poetry competition in which I was awarded the first prize. I'm hoping to publish a book which compiles up all my poems, called ''Farhanite''. In my opinion, being a poet is like living in a world of dreams and inner visualizations, that you turn into words adorned by beautiful metaphors, similes, idioms, and rhymes. Poetry is a tool that completely changes your personality, your style, your ambitions, and in short, you.
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Kavita Jaitly

The poem depicts a carefree world of imagination.

Kavita Jaitly

The poet depicts a carefree world of imagination.


Yes that indeed is poetry, Your last two lines is such a very good ending too. I enjoyed reading –your–poetry.

Ayndrilla Ghosh

Rightly said, poetry is an emotional over flow of feeling which should not and cannot be chained or bounded by any specific rule or technique. So keep them flowing young man.