Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes short poem

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Oh, the leaves of green that exist no longer
As the days grow cold and a little stronger
My heart and the seasons intertwined
The child dies; the man grows less kind
Experience is the lesson hard earned
Best of all was the companion spurned
Yet from the ice cold ashes of the fire
Turns the heart of a craven to a fighter
Though tries and failures may stymie
Remember ’tis only to try me
Through troubled waters and winds of gale
We have one life; a high stake to fail

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Quinton McMorries

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I'm merely a wanderer, seeking to set roots and call somewhere home, It's rather tiresome to be at the whims of the wind. So, for now at least, DC is home-base for me. Always hoped to one day be a published writer/poet, but I fear this art is a dying one. If I must be one of the last standard-bearers of it, then I would call myself lucky.
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Joseph C Ogbonna

This poem conforms to the style of poets of the classical era.It has a professional touch.Very well written.


A great read, being a wanderer myself I have given up
on the idea of a place called home I seem to wander
and carry it on my back.
Your last line finishes off this good read
with true words.

Mahrukh Ali

I love travelling but havent thought so deeply about this aspect. It really makes me think of the existence of the concept of “a home”.


“Yet from the ice cold ashes of the fire…”

I love the use of antithesis here. It in a way refines the imagery. Good work.


Ashes In The Wind

Ashes In The Wind short poem

I stand before you on the edge, A risen cliff above the ocean. Many times my life I’ve pledged, Followed the book and went through the motions. But you’ve forsaken me, my Lord. And I hear nothing but the wind.