Climax Of The Ocean Tides

Climax Of The Ocean Tides short poem

Photo by kenteegardin

It reminds me of the tides,
either at dawn or high noon.
Or on the 14th day
of the lunar cycle of the moon.
It reminds me of the incoming waves,
that the tides wash ashore.
Or the beating ripples of the water,
when the rain begins to pour.
I like to sit barefoot and watch.,
as the incoming waves brush my toes,
which dampens the sand,
now the marine worms are exposed.
Now these tides remind me of something,
something that takes effort to manifest,
but it’s well worth the effort,
because once it’s manifest you’ve passed the test.
So when the water touches my toes,
and dampens everything that’s beneath me,
it reminds me of an erotic climax,
that erupted from inner depths so deeply.

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