Moonlight Magic

Moonlight Magic short poem
Sweet moonlight shone down on earth
A single beam broke through the clouds
Dancing across ripples in the lake
Sneaking into a window pane
Where a pair of eyes open wide in awe
Little feet patter on the floor
Tiptoed to reach the handle on the door
Soft footsteps cross the hallway
Out on the porch and into the garden
Bathed in silver moonlight
Like a scene out of a fairy tale
Blue eyes beheld the magic in the air
The midnight dance of the fairy queen
The moonlight picnic of the elves in green
The whispering trees of the glen
Oh the wonder of the wizarding ten
Every full moon this scene appeared
But over time, the magic disappeared
The child grew and left the land
The memory reduced to a grain of sand
Left to ruin, the garden stayed
Overgrown and desolate
A score passes, maybe two
A man returns with eyes blue
That night, a full moon appears
Heavy footsteps cross the floor
Opens the handle on the door
Strolls into silvery moonbeams
Searching the air and the greens
For bewitching sights it once held
For the innocence that had been felled.

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3 Comments on "Moonlight Magic"

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Magical imagery.your poem is awesome,Great write.I enjoyed it.Keep writing Vidya.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Thanks a lot Vidya for your encouraging comments.


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