A Late Understanding

A Late Understanding short poem

Photo by DeeAshley

It was too late for me to understand,
I thought while I ran my daily errands,
It should have clicked me sooner,
But alas, what is done is done,
It’s too late and cannot be undone.
Everyone wished things were different,
But least can be done when God is adamant.
Sometimes I think, it’s OK and things will be fine,
Maybe it’s time to move on and not whine.
People change and you no longer remember,
If they are the same person you met last summer.
They look and talk the same and dine,
But, “Hey, you no longer resemble the old friend of mine”.
Maybe in another life when you have me again,
Please don’t expect me to take no revenge,
I will not say I haven’t seen you as a ghost,
But I promise you I will burn you till you smoke.

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Ravindran Govindaraju

# Sounds baffling ,
* All can be well only
when god is willing !


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