The Moonlight Warrior

The Moonlight Warrior short poem

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Darkness shrouds the dying day,
turning everything still but the shadows,
growing they are now the undead,
gliding towards altars for their daily prey.
The silence is just a blindfold,
the night but an illusion,
things unheard best left unsaid,
things unseen better forgotten.
The lone warrior of light phoenixes,
growing in shape ‘n’ brightness,
on her chariot of prayers and clouds,
shadows die under the light sword.

But Karma does takes it unerring toll,
the goddess starts failing to the dark,
night by night losing her sheen,
and disappearing into nothingness.
But despair not my friend,
for she will shine again,
stay well hidden till then,
the new moon is on the rising.

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Saurin Desai

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Saurin Desai’s first love led to a roaring affair that's ongoing now since nearly 30 years. At the innocent age of 8 he met a comic book that whacked him on the head (pun intended) and he fell heels-over-head, literally (pun not intended). But being commitment-phobic, he had a couple of dalliances: with engineering, jobs & businesses, before succumbing to the seduction of the writer's life and giving up everything to become lazier than he ever was. Through all of this he continued to rendezvous with poetry. And after one very, very, long pregnant pause, the poems that had owned him all these years recently agreed to stop possessing him and start haunting the world. And, here we are..."Solitude and Other Obsessions"
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I did like reading your poem and your concept—-but at the end light!! as it always is
if we look. Good Job

Sreelatha Chakravarty

good imagery

kwai chee low

Lovely poem; brings out the eternal fight of hope and goodness against death and evil; the fight of light against the darkness. But such a dilemma – there is no light without darkness and vice versa!


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