I Love The Rain, But…

I Love The Rain, But... short poem

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Overwhelmed, the sky precipitates,
pouring its guts out;
luckily I sit on the dry side of the pane,
snugly… smugly… till…

A pigeon flits, looking for its 6 inches,
as all around birds fight for every inch;
a dog dives under a solitary car,
hoping the owner will not seek its shelter.

Grown-up men & women run alike children,
but there isn’t roof enough for each head,
so to the ire of the Gods are sacrificed a few,
who hide their daily tears behind the rain.

Sitting on my swinging bamboo,
a prayer cloud fills with silent grace,
expanding till it touches the white ceiling;
I thank therefore I am…

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Saurin Desai

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Saurin Desai’s first love led to a roaring affair that's ongoing now since nearly 30 years. At the innocent age of 8 he met a comic book that whacked him on the head (pun intended) and he fell heels-over-head, literally (pun not intended). But being commitment-phobic, he had a couple of dalliances: with engineering, jobs & businesses, before succumbing to the seduction of the writer's life and giving up everything to become lazier than he ever was. Through all of this he continued to rendezvous with poetry. And after one very, very, long pregnant pause, the poems that had owned him all these years recently agreed to stop possessing him and start haunting the world. And, here we are..."Solitude and Other Obsessions"
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Mahrukh Ali

i too love the rain…but…its almost difficult to say what rain means to different people. Havent thought about it so deeply…

Geetha Paniker


Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

Simply Beautiful.


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