Poetry That Speaks For Itself

Poetry That Speaks For Itself short poem

I listen to the words of the song that the blind blues player sings
Sweat running down his face, neck muscles in a tight strain
Sounding as if he’s lived every word he is singing
I feel the sting in every string he’s playing,
Sends echoes down my spine
I can feel the burden and despair of the story he tells,
My body still sways to the soulful beat
Like something inside of me has to be seen,
Both spiritual and seductive in its own way
You feel the power of love and raw pain,
Drawn like a moth to the light, heat of the flame
We all dance for our own reasons and the songs have different meanings,
Play…. blues player, play every heart that’s broken
Promises unfulfilled the scars I bare and my body still sways to the soulful beat,
A cleansing inside of me with every step I make, two minutes of peace while the music plays
It seems he knows me by name as he describes the life I live by the words he is saying,
And my body still sways to the soulful beat of the blues.

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M.S The Secret

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Born in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pa. third to the youngest of eight brothers and sisters. My father was a steel mill worker and my mother was a loving housewife. M.S. The Secret is a lifelong fan of the Black and Gold (Steelers). My introduction to writing came when my sister Robin introduced me to the power of words and poetry when I was 14 years old. I began to feel the rush of energy as thoughts and feelings flowed from my head to my pen and pad. I embraced the power of written communication even though no one would read my writings until I reached college. After completing high school, I attended California State University in California, Pa. where I studied Psychology and Communications. As an adult I later moved to the vibrant historic city of Atlanta GA., where I work as a Program Coordinator working with Homelessness, Substance Abuse and Mental Health with men, women, children and families for over twenty years. It would become my journey and mission to excel and walk hand and hand with my life ministry.
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