Analysis Of The Written Word

Analysis Of The Written Word prose poem

It is a foregone conclusion that the writer uses all five senses to create their work.
However, I have found ( at least in my experience) that each sense exercised provides it’s own individual inspiration.

Not to be over analytical with regard to this but I have found that by focusing individually on these senses, that I become more aware of my sights, sounds, and tastes, etc.

How often have you as a writer or artist, taken the time to seek out your inner quietness?
Exploring those senses that we are all gifted with allows me to find that quietness that I speak of.

To experience through touch, the texture of a simple leaf, a handful of soil, The cracks and crevices festooned upon the trunk of an ancient oak.

It is these things, these simple yet extraordinary experiences that allow me to impart my style of writing; however that is perceived by the reader, or listener.

This craft is not just about sitting down and making friends with a blank sheet of paper.
Nor is it about the perfect room with which to write in. Neither too, is it about the thought or pre-conceived notion of notice or accolade.

For this writer, it is about the experience, the glorified gift of inspiration gleaned from all those things that I have been blessed to see, hear, taste, touch and feel.

Therein lies the greatest of art.
The world around us, and the glorious gifts that it bestows within the writer’s mind.
I am but a conveyance of those things, a vehicle to be used to render such insights.

Be aware of your senses, be aware of your gifts, recognize those gifts given to you, in the caress of each new day. Taste them, touch them, see them, here them.
Impart them and be blessed.

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William B. Burkholder

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Lyrical derivations,gleaned from empiracle observations. The collective verses of experience rendered to rhyme..I am an author of five publications and an author of over 200 works of digital art, most of which can be seen in my photo archive here on face book. my writings are scattered over the internet as well as on face book. I have edited several literary websites, the most recent being I am a husband, father, stepdad and grandpa living the great dream of happiness. My life is my day job, my writing and art and my friendships
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