Sea Of Sorrows

Sea Of Sorrows short poem

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These deep dark sorrows come in waves
So hard to stay afloat
They drag me under day by day
Keep praying for a boat

I struggle for one breath of air
As I begin to sink
Left with this bittersweet despair
My mind ceases to think

But then I wake upon the sand
So thankful for my life
Until I see I’m alone in this land
Now all I can do is survive

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Christopher S. Bunch

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I'm 23, graduated from Anderson County High School in 2011, and am currently self employed. I design websites and write articles as a Freelance Journalist. Poetry is one thing that seems to come naturally for me.
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7 Comments on "Sea Of Sorrows"

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Saurin Desai

Very good, especially the ending 🙂

Ravindran Govindaraju

# When life is a mixed bag of welcoming prowl
,” left with bittersweet despair ” sounds plausibly pragmatic.
Poetic truth !

Malcolm Massiah

That’s a cool poem. I love the bittersweet despair, tho’ I don’t fully understand at present. I think you’ll survive, I’m sure you’re a survivor, just like Alexander Selkirk. In fact you should read William Cowper’s excellent poem the Solitude of Alexander Selkirk, I’m sure you must be familiar with a line or two of it if not the entire poem. .

Reagan Latumbo

Thumbs up to the author.
It was a heartwarming poem.
I can feel how much you struggle to ease the pain, but the journey still lives on.
Keep on writing.

Barbara Matteau

NIce poem. I like the way it flows and how the rhymes come naturally. I did expect the last stanza to represent hope and the last 2 lines opposed that thought of the first two lines. Still, it’s realistic.


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