A Reflection of the Light

A Reflection of the Light short poem

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A true representation of love is not a stagnant captured image.
Love you see, is a movie, it is a progression of actions with time.
Us individuals love most times based on emotions,
how we feel at a specific slice of time.
Our love fluctuates with the external elements of our surroundings,
being shaped and molded by the fiery furnaces life puts us through,
being hardened and even sometimes to the point of cracking due to the temperatures of the kiln.
But Jesus,
he loves regardless of external elements.
He disregards our mishaps and the inevitability of our faults.
Learning how to love is engraved in the act of knowing Christ.
Because God is LOVE
and God supplied us with the word,
which has been reincarnated into Jesus Christ, who then peeled from himself the Holy spirit.
To love is to know and accept all three.
I’m no mother.
But I have witnessed not just a captured, stagnant picture of what motherly love is but I have experienced a progression of these images over time.
What I’ve realized is, a mother is merely a person with a title.
Growing up, I thought of my mom as someone, who had some kind of extraterrestrial gift,
but really a mother is a human who has taken on a title.
A title that can be inscribed under the name of an individual who loves.
And I mean, the kind of love that reflects the love that Jesus Christ blesses us with,
the merciful,
patient kind.
Forgive my bias and my lack of omniscience but to care for an individual who biologically or not is attached or appointed to you,
see taking on the responsibility to provide for,
to love,
to secure,
to pray for,
to guide.
That is a title worth wearing and worth praising.
And yes,
you will fail at some tasks as mothers, yes because you are not a supreme being.
But because of Christ you are not defined by your faults,
but you are recommended by your abilities.
As a daughter myself, I would like to prompt sons, daughters, recipients of, to take heed to their inabilities as specially titled humans.
To love,
and most of all respect our mothers.
As Christ has commanded us to do so in scripture.

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Christopher S. Bunch

I love the spirituality of it. Very strong… There are some formatting issues, however. Use stanzas next time. Good work though!


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