Today I Am So Small

Today I Am So Small long poem

Photo by JD Hancock

Today I am so small
I ride the corner of your hip,
clinging on
(with both my tiny hands)
to the edge of your pocket.
Your denim thighs crest the alternate air
like the humping backs of sister whales
side by side
by swimming.

I am the smallest remains of foam
rolling on that navy sea.

I am krill
into the cavernous
frothing mouth.

Today I am so small
I am the rivet in your jeans’
pocket corner.
I am a single stitch.
I am a fibre.
I am the shining third tooth of your fly.

Today I am so small
I am a thought –
I am the contact between cloth and flesh.
I am the split in the elastic of your pants.
I am the black hole in the white embroidered flower.
I am the tiniest tent of fabric that covers the hair beneath.
I am that hair,
the root,
the follicle.
I am the displacement of one shiny curled length
caught in the crease of your groin.
I am the fabric wrinkle
that rides into
the cleavage of your buttocks.
I am a moment of moisture,
I am that which is pinched
between your delving thumb and finger.
I am the private scent of you
staining your finger’s tip.

Today I am so small
I am the sharp flag of skin
that frays from your finger’s nail.
I am the melody of a flavour
As your tongue tastes the tang
of that tine,
and where you place that finger –
what you touch,
what you stroke,
where you penetrate –
there too
I am.

So small.

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Christopher S. Bunch

This took me on a journey. So descriptive, the details were very enticing and vivid.


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