A Purple Umbrella

A Purple Umbrella long poem

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A purple umbrella
What once blocked the rain
Now catches the opportunity

A purple umbrella
What protected me from discomfort
Now prevents puddles

A purple umbrella
The comfort of not being wet
Has been exchanged for the freedom to breath

A purple umbrella
The sign of a gloomy day
Now represents my path
As I go down the dark and gloomy path

A purple umbrella
Was once something you bought in a store
Now has more meaning

That purple umbrella
Once being used to hide my wrinkles and scars
As I walk head down hoping to not make eye contact with anyone
Now it lays on the ground as I move forward
Letting the wrinkles and scars catch the rain
Awaiting for the sun to create the shadows that shows my age
Age not through the number of years I lived
But the number of years I tried

That purple umbrella
Retires as I take off the layers of comfort, rejection, and disbelief
For opportunity, acceptance and confidence
This symbol of my realization
That I was going nowhere
As others was moving forward
Helped me understand that I need to move forward
I need to soak up the rain
I need to live

That purple umbrella
Once use to hide my existence from others
Now sits in my closet as I gain momentum

That purple umbrella
Reminds me
That I only have one life

That purple umbrella reminds me
To never protect myself
From the opportunities that falls
Because that opportunity will either
Hit me or create a puddle of regret

That purple umbrella
Reminds me
To live life

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I'm recent graduate who recently started to really explore poetry. I've written poetry in the past but I was not willing to share them. I love spoken word poetry. Poetry, along with other art forms, are helping me get through tough times as I enter the 'real world.' I would appreciate feedback on my poems.
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Christopher S. Bunch

The last line on the 6th stanza just blows me away! Loved it, keep writing. Stanzas are well spaced.



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