You whisper sweet words while you sharpen your thorns,
By a spell I am called, and I pass through the doors.
And they slowly close behind me in a squeaky little cry,
As the sun begins to fade in the distant purple sky.

Enchanted as I am, I keep searching through the flowers,
And they charm me and I’m drawn by their majestic colors,
While leaves rustle around me, in an echo of explosions,
In the purple twilight you slowly prepare your poisons.

And I carry on with confidence unaware of your attack,
For an army of trees is watching you like a wolf pack
And they scratch me and they look like a horrible maze,
As my path is now guided by the Moon’s silvery rays.

You keep shining through the leaves, still catching my sight,
For your smell is calling me and is drowning up my mind,
And you promise me your kisses and my heart begins to rise,
As it beats inside at once, with a thousand butterflies.

And you slowly break the silence and you start to sing along,
While the maze awakens to life by the charm of your song.
It’s a world of peace and magic and it shines away in bliss
Like a siren from the depths you ensnare me in the abyss

And I feel your vines around me as they all begin to fold,
And they drag me closer in and you stun me in your hold.
For thy beauty knows no limits, I can see it through the veils,
From the sharpness of your thorns to the poison of your veins.

Not even medusa herself with her piercing glacial eyes,
Could have chilled and turn my body in this monument of ice.
I am rooted in this place and you crawl your thorns around,
Enchanted and terrified I keep watching from my bond.

As your thorns begin to sting me deeper within my flesh,
And you pour your venom in, while the wounds are still fresh.
For with every step I take you inflict more pain on me
‘Cause you stick each thorn inside me like the needle of a bee.

And I shatter in a thousand, pieces of a stainless glass,
As my body starts to tremble as I’m falling in the grass.
But you let go of the chain and I stare at you heartbroken,
And the venom starts to drip for a thousand wounds are open.

I am free and yet astonished as I get up to my feet,
And I pluck the thorns away and the pain now tastes so sweet.
Even if they hurt me still, in my heart they get to stay,
For I fear if I remove them it will drain my life away.

There’s a fire deep inside me and it shines irridescent
It consumes me from the inside as it burns incandescent.
‘Cause I see more clear now as it all start to make sense,
You hurt me by standing there, as I’m getting further, hence.

They’re not the sharp thorns that have dripped me of my blood,
Nor the venom that is running out of my veins like a flood,
Nor the poison of your words that you whisper with your cruelty,
Even if you do not want it, you still hurt me with your beauty.

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