Shed this Skin

Shed this Skin short poem

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If only we were bones
We wouldn’t throw so many stones
Separated by this skin
We seem to forget we’re all human

Brother killing brother
All for their flesh’s color
Inequality uncontrolled
Because of the lies we’ve all been told

Imagine life without this meat
Because for some, it’s all they see
Realize how united we truly are
And see that we aren’t that far apart

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Christopher S. Bunch

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I'm 23, graduated from Anderson County High School in 2011, and am currently self employed. I design websites and write articles as a Freelance Journalist. Poetry is one thing that seems to come naturally for me.
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Saurin Desai

what an intriguing thought

Malcolm Massiah

That is amazing. Very lyrical. You should put it to music also.


I liked your poem very much and yes I agree with your sentiments


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