Statues of Snow

Statues of Snow short poem

After a while, the world moves on.
Bodies crumble like ancient statues,
memories fade into the void of oblivion and time.
We look at our lives closely,
and see they are like winter snow.
Every moment of our lives unique and a small occurrence.
Some of the snow melts with time and new snow falls.
Eventually, the barren ground is revealed,
ready for a new snowfall.
Cold and empty is how our bodies disintegrate,
as they are, rotting in wooden cages in the ground.
I prefer to die by warmth,
to disintegrate my body,
ready to join the ground for the next snowfall.

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Taylor Cohron

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I'm a college student at a small liberal-arts college, with a love for technology, travel, music, art and poetry, I aspire to be a web designer and a writer, travelling the world doing what I love.
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Malcolm Massiah

That is a thought-provoking poem, a momento mori, and so much more imaginative then just observations on a melting snowman, which probably would have been my easy option if I had thought of tackling the subject. I enjoyed reading your work and cannot wait to read more.


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