Christmas is Booked

Christmas is Booked long poem

I check the calendar. Oh, there’s lots of time to spare.
I don’t know why I worried. I haven’t a care.
Two weeks is a lot of time to do most stuff.
I am quite sure that two weeks will be enough.
Now I have six more gifts to buy by then,
And how many to still make? I think ten.
Well that may take some time if I dont act quick.
But if I make them ornaments, it will be done in a flick.
That will still take two nights to let the paint dry.
Then when will I have time for six gifts to buy?
Well, I guess the Saturdays will be for shopping.
And Sundays have been claimed for party hopping.
Now, let’s not forget that caroling night.
Half the days booked, could that be right?
Well I am sure that there isn’t much more,
Gees what a list. My arm’s getting sore.
Okay, so when shall I decide to do the baking?
Well that will depend on what I’m making.
The treats will take at least a day to prepare.
Maybe I’ll get the kids to help, if I dare?
Oh dear, what about shopping for the food?
Maybe today? No, I’m not in the mood.
That can be done in an evening or two.
And I planned to help old miss jones with her baking too.
We haven’t seen santa, and that is a must.
There’s so much to do I feel I could bust.
Please tell me there is nothing more to do.
Although something in me just knew.

Well, the nativity pageant we go to each year.
To remember Christ, the reason of Christmas cheer.
That is our family Christmas eve tradition.
Then kids to bed and we take a wrapping position.
We will be up late that night to get the job done.
Next, on Christmas morning the opening fun.
The shine in their eyes, the joy in my heart.
It is worth doing my scheduled part.
Well that is it, all of the fourteen days.
Let the busy-ness come in a craze and haze.
Now I do not mind that I am booked every minute til then.
For it will help with peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

Merry Christmas!

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Christopher S. Bunch

Needs more stanzas. I like the ABAB flow. The ending makes me feel like a kid again..ll Great work, keep writing and improving. We will help you advance with constructive criticism.


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