The Mountain and the River….

The Mountain and the River.... short poem

After a very long time; five years to be specific, I came across yet another phase in my life when I was again full upto the brim. This time though I had no energy in me to raise the height of my life’s cauldron of sensitivities. So like the last time this time again it came out as elusively as possible in a flutter of words and rhythms, portions of which I present to you….

I was a hard rocky mountain

Gave permission to a river to flow

Permission to cut into me – valleys and gorges

And a waterfall of emotions.

The river came fluttering on my surface,

Meandered into every nook and corner

Causing cracks and crevices, at places bumps

But all in all smoothening my edges..

Wherever it went it left a trace;

At times ponds of love,

At times lakes of insecurity

Pools of deception and puddles of hope…

Now there’s greenery all along the way

Though many barren patches too

The water moistened my crust,

Replenishing a spring inside….

I thought I was finally alive

With life; liveliest as one could be

But then the river had it’s own as well

Long before I could realize

It went slowly blending into an ocean

On the other side of the world…

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5 Comments on "The Mountain and the River…."

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oh wow! i loved your metaphors! 🙂

Editorial Board

The skill of a good writer – to write on a topic which apparently pertains to nature but essentially conveys how a relationship can be..amazing bit of writing and the use of the language is obviously at your command. An applause from us at High on Poems and @Chirag do keep contributing 🙂

ammu sachariah

Wonderful. I liked it.

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful metaphors of life.


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