The last love letter

The last love letter short poem

I want to write to you

The love letter of sin

From my marital bed

Fetching the dark red ink

Of pleasure

From the deepest recesses of my desire,

I’ll write to you.

I’ll write to you

In letters reeking shamelessly of happiness,

About roses, about roads untraveled,

About unbridled mirth and

Daring heartbeats.

I’ll also write about

My longing to be chased by you

Around the room

Dressed in my earnest femininity

And about the desire

Of being put to sleep

While you read out to me –

‘The little prince’.

Then, I’ll seal it with a wet kiss

And hide it in my lingerie closet

Beneath that white lace nightgown

Which you chose for me

As a reward,

For the promise of oblivion.

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8 Comments on "The last love letter"

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Chandrama Deshmukh

Some verses linger around even after you are done reading them.
This is one such poem.

Juhi Chowdhury
Juhi Chowdhury

This is a wonderful boyfriend sent this to me..nd it gave me such a nice feeling! 🙂 carry on writing !

Editorial Board

One wishes that no one would have to write this one..the angst and the passion evoked by your words touch a chord deep within. Hope to read more from you @Pallavi

Lolo Pookie

Lovely. 🙂

Arti Honrao

I agree with Chandrama.Deshmukh
Well-written, loved the flow

Keep writing

Michael Moyer

@Pallavi_Banerjee The last love letter is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

asoke kumar mitra

in love there is nothing called last…………….very nice write.


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