Muse short poem

In this part of the story,

I will be the poet, and you my muse.

I’ll draw my inspiration from

Your chestnut brown lips,

Your curved mustache

And lustful eyes.

I’ll float my words around you,

Scratch them out and tear them to shreds.

I’ll make you seek me out

Amongst a host of women and

Talk to me about the moonlit night,

Buy me roses and take me out

To surprise candlelight dinners.

I’ll make you burn in envy

By laughing out loud at your friend’s joke.

In the concluding lines,

You’ll abdicate your throne of security

To wake up by my side

On every morning of the rest of your life;

Just like in that film you watched last evening with my friend

While I stayed awake waiting for your call.

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Lolo Pookie


Sreelatha Chakravarty

Spite in end is built up well with all the praise upfront.


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