Hot pink lipstick euphorbia

Hot pink lipstick euphorbia prose poem

There goes a blazing
trail of lightning
across the deep indigo,
starless, Australian
night sky.

I am momentarily
startled by the dissonance
of the rumbling
thunder, playing
drums in my ears.

Driving past the
long, steep road lined
with bottlebrush
and crab apple trees, I cautiously
approach a roundabout.

I quickly switch on the
fog lights, adjusting the speed
of the wind-shield wiper to
keep away the
pitter-patter of the rain.

The heavy downpour ignites a luminous flicker in my soul, effortlessly gliding to rekindle that specific part of my hometown memory. I reminisce the nostalgic past of my family’s dearly loved, but deceased Hunter, a cross between Doberman pinscher and Labrador breed. None could resist his dark brown silky fur and honey brown eyes which expressed a thousand words. “What is he trying communicate through those enigmatic expressions?” Perched on the smooth, marble floored balcony is the hot pink lipstick euphorbia shrub sitting in a huge glazed, cyan porcelain pot. Hunter loved to relax under this huge shrub overlooking the balcony. The backdrop of a blooming flame of the forest tree added to the allure of the locale. One fine day, unanticipated, I stumbled upon the hot pink lipstick euphorbia at a Christmas plant sale. I was elated beyond measure for this couldn’t be! I wasted no time in reserving an exclusive spot in my typical Australian backyard garden – a lipstick euphorbia monument for Hunter. This is my precious link that connects me to my brown pet. Oh his sweet memories linger on…

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