The Banyan Square

The Banyan Square short poem

Vines entwined, in engrossing weaves.
Lush green branches, on archaic trunks.
A specter familiar, charmingly exotic,
Gazing I stand, recollecting the years.

A vision, of some evening, eons back..
Kids’ playful frolic, and cheers lively.
Carefree days, romping round the tree,
A boy, I was, in opinions and my games.

Someday, the times cool, as I learned,
Heavy ideas, my mind absorbing the theories,
Refreshed by the breeze, under the cozy shade,
Time trudging on quietly, at the banyan square.

Memories, of the splendid village fair…
A man with his theory, a girl with her song..
The tree a stage, in its magnificence,
An effigy forever, on the times blithe.

Someday a peddler, someday the vittles vendor..
Cheering the moods and tastes, of the crowds.
Ripples of life, beneath the bountiful branches,
absorbing the moments, rendering them timeless..

And then, the men gone, to new found lands…
Dreams, lives and destinations ample.
Locking up their lives, as lifetimes carved,
Living, for the lives, of their loved folks.

The visit, to the rooted beholder, ever due…
The age unknown, wisdom and memories infallible.
Graceful and abiding, in ancient echoes.
Banyan tree, thou shall be cherished, by many.

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Swathi Rao

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A few words strung together on inspiration, or a few thoughts penned down for clarity. A hobby that has consistently matched to represent the inspirations in me. Most often, they are from incidents and trends happening around the world, books or articles that I may parse through, or some noble cause that had greatly impressed me. I have been writing poems, and short stories, since I had been 6 years. Music and poetry walk hand in hand; good music, good poetry shall always stay my favorite pastime.
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I love trees and you have captured their essence in this poem. They do hold secrets for ever more.

Keith Wilson

You see our nature so intricately entwined with the natural world….and it is so.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

It’s really awesome poem,beautifully worded.i loved it.Keep writing Swathi.


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