Dark thoughts

Dark thoughts prose poem

The brightest light shines deep but pure black darkness is infinite
I surrender to its awe of depth without how would we know light’s speech
Darkness is somewhere kept behind a door until intelligence opens in expression to be unique
No rules within this empty space, to hide is the perfect place but never to embrace
An intrigue of separateness from others is yours but don’t forget the hole you dug
I wandered tirelessly to find peace inside darkness but creatures such as us need
A loss of aggression it took from me and left a sombre enigmatic type of poetry
No beast was found nor devils taunt just a reflection of memories dance and flaunt
In darkness you are alone but your brain keeps on churning more ridiculous outcomes
An eye of the human can see darkness and be in darkness but can never truly grasp it
We, however, blinded by brightness in day, the wise, stay closely guarded by ambivalent shade
The time I spent in darkness was an eternity of selfishness and a life time of questions .

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Peter Kiggin

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I am a poet through and through and anyone that tells you different you must deny it and slap them across the face very roughly indeed. I love the normal things in life and turning them into mysterious meaningful emotionally attached fascinating object or subjects.
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