Wrath short poem

Wrath hammers down


My reflection bursts into flames


Scorching liquid glass into my bloodstream.

Blood coagulates into mercury droplets

Reaching the floor


Out into infinity

Space is the absence of thing-ness

into that space, where no one hears the scream

The slithering rope-like throat

Taut in it’s own powerlessness

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Nidhi Mundhra

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I used to write poems when I was younger but I haven't written anything in the last few years- except this: "Wrath".
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Editorial Board

This poem needs to be appreciated for the dramatic effect it has in terms of imagery and also for the honesty of the poet as she describes how weak and helpless a human being can become in the face of this self destructive emotion. Great Writing @Nidhi. Do start writing again, we shall await more submissions from you.


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