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Black Eyed Peace is about our search for peace. Whether it’s peace within ourselves, peace in our relationships, or peace on a national or international scale. Sometimes it might be hard to find and in our searching we will collect a few bruises along the way. But it is always, always, worth searching for, and if you look long enough & hard enough you will find it.

In these poems the language is both simple and direct. The poet provides us with a map, with routes leading out into large and small histories, of family life, a wry look at religion, war and growing up in Belfast. His evocations, at times sunny, shaded at others, conjure pictures that we recognize and believe in. Whether dealing with large or domestic themes these poems sparkle with wit, acute observation, truth and love

Book Reviews

“This is such a mix of the wry, the affectionate and the hard-hit. I particularly liked Waves, Ladies Football, Brothers In Arms, Symphony for the Devil, The Lord’s Day and Making Soda. You made me smile many times – with recognition, with delight and affection. I also found my self, taking a sharp breath in at times.” – Maria McManus

“A cracking book. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. It had me laughing out loud, and welling up up at times. Brilliant” – Jonny Loughhead

“I am posting a link to a free poetry collection by Belfast poet David Atkinson. I don’t think this should be free, it is brilliant! it reflects on our shared heritage and the poems are written beautifully, if I was to draw any comparison I would say an urban Seamus Heaney. Please read and share this link..bloody brilliant!” – Cathy Connolly

Hunting for the Aurora has been nominated Boston Poetry Magazine for the Pushcart Prize. Mike Jewett, Editor said “After careful consideration, I have chosen Hunting for the Aurora as one of Boston Poetry Magazine’s Pushcart Prize nominations. The instant I read Hunting for the Aurora I knew it was special. Part of it is me being a father, but it transcends that.”

Black Eyed Peace is available as a free ebook. Download your free copy!

A limited number of hard copies of the book are also available at a cost of £5.00 plus P&P.

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Irish poet, who spent his early years in Belfast and now lives in Coleraine with his wife and 2 children. His first collection "Thomas" was published by Lapwing in 2005, and his second collection "Black Eyed Peace" has just been published. It is available as either a free eBook or in traditional printed format. His work has been widely published in magazines, anthologies, and on-line. His work has also been broadcast and published by the BBC and a number of his poems have achieved competition success. He has been involved with the Ballymoney Writers for over 15 years and has edited and published 3 collections of their work.
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