A Zillion Wonderful Things

A Zillion Wonderful Things short poem

I hid that first poem from everyone

But you read it in my eyes

You taught me to love my books

And smile with every sunrise

I don’t understand this world

I would crib and ask you why

“You will learn as you mature”

Those words I could never deny

We shared thoughts and stories

You helped me arrange my rhyme

Our football game in the drawing room

The constantly giggling wind chime

My teacher told you once

Your daughter is naughty as hell

‘She is what she is’

You said at once in rebel

I sneaked into your blanket

After watching a movie of ghost

You somehow knew my happy key

And offered me a buttered toast

You said life is like that bread toaster

At times the grilling gets tough

Just add the bliss of your favourite butter

And remember you always have enough

You taught me to enjoy silence

And soar without wings

To believe every heart is beautiful

And a zillion wonderful things

On a lonely evening, amidst all chaos

Whenever I look at the pale sky

A dad who made me who I am

Reminds me how to fly

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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When poetry touches the soul, everything starts making sense. The inner world seems real and the outer one becomes bearable. When thoughts mixed with words travel through the empty spaces of mind, poetry happens to me. It always has been a mysterious force guiding me through. With two published books and one amaturish blog, I consider myself blessed to have started this journey. An old diary with think brown cover and an over used, end bitten pen. That’s where real magic begins! May you find your undiscovered meanings in my poems. May existence make sense. Even if just for a little while.
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Editorial Board

The purest of relationships; between a parent and child and the honesty of emotions shines through. This one is special because it encapsulates so beautifully the ties that bind us to those whom we, perhaps, never convey the same. There is A Happy Poem Chandrama and you just proved it .

Ketaki Desai
Ketaki Desai

very innocent thoughts 🙂

Jayshree Murali

very fresh Chandrama, it resonates.


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