Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel short poem

Like a fallen angel am I

Unloved and unwanted

Distressed and disturbed of heart

Unable to die and too pained to live.

I exist like the walking dead

In the realm of the living

Waiting for that elusive grace

For that unknown act of faith

To lead me to deliverance.

I try so hard

To emulate those I envy

To be all that they are

To be adored like them

But I am my own stymie

Forever trapped within unfounded fears

A victim of my own complexes

They drive me to solitude

To exist like a friendless recluse

The energies must not be dissipated thus

In the contemplation of irrelevant issues

– So says the world

But only my heart knows and my mind recognizes

The relevance of lost battles

To the happy existence of my person.

Not the son of the Devil am I

Nor the son of God

I am Lucifer himself

And I ride the steed called Death!

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Abhijith Karthikeya

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Wannabe poet/philosopher, compulsive writer, connoisseur of English writing and all things beautiful, idealist, habitual trekker, love the wild outdoors and animals, fanatic for fitness, absolutely passionate about horses. On the other hand I am variously sentimental, naieve, an ingenuous ignoramus, an eternal romantic and an idealist who doesn't know where he's going but I'm hoping I'm on the way...
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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

So strong affirmations. I am in awe.


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