God’s Nation

Gods Nation long poem

Look around you, how many of these faces do you really know?
Could you put a name to each face,
or do some people not ring a familiar tone?
Do you go to church all dressed in your Sunday best?
Say all the right things, break bread, drink juice, give a dollar, but forget the rest?
Are you heavy burdened, but too prideful to confess,
Let me say this, we’re all judgmental nonetheless.
We see someone a little under dressed for the Sunday occasion,
Smells a little rotten, so we prefer separation,
You see the homeless, so you assume desperation
Would you recognize Jesus if he stood In your presence or would you judge salvation.

Oh… But no we’re the church, we don’t judge others by their covers
Then why do we continue to sit with the same people and avoid one another,
We’re so caught up in ourselves, and not with each other,
If God is the judge, then why do we judge our own brothers
It’s not our place to judge, but we
continue to do so,
If we are all sinners then why do we all throw stones,
So busy with I and me, and me and I
See a stranger, and we let them walk right on by,
Sometimes all you gotta do is stop to say hi,
Just a fraction of your 24 hours of time,

That’s such a small amount,
We judge all the time, we start to lose count,
So worried about the attendance count,
Maybe if we stopped to say hi, people would stay instead of coming in and out,

Maybe if we stepped out of our comfort zone, people would see what Jesus is really about
While we lip sync the songs,
God screams and shouts, it’s me your forgetting about!
His 2 greatest commands were so simple, love God, love others,
How can we claim to love God if we’re judging each other ?
That’s not love, that’s deception,
Satan tries to desensitize and contort our perception,
When the mass media has become our only connection
What happened to God’s word?
Now that’s the real question
Here’s a suggestion,
Before we judge, Evaluate yourself and yourself alone,
Get to know that stranger, be comfortable with being out of your comfort zone
When we judge others, God will also, judge us
If that’s the case , then we can’t be judged enough,

But Understand this,
No sin is less deserving of death itself,
So when you point at sin those 3 fingers of sin are pointing back at yourself,
While we put our faith up on a shelf,
And act as if all else is below,
Have you forgotten , don’t you know?
We all fall short of Gods so mighty thrown,
But we’ve thrown,
We’ve thrown humility out the window,

We bang our chests and scream with pride,
We’ve turned to ourselves and pushed God aside,
While we hide behind a building as if it’s some type of salvation,
We’ve made financial benefits our main motivation,
While we count down the days to judgement we’ve put in ranks each denomination,
What we’ve forgotten is that MAN ITSELF deserves God’s condemnation,
But remember this, we are God’s church, we are all God’s nation…

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Bryce Woodason

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19 year old spoken word poet from Terre Haute IN. making poetry to encourage, enlighten, and to inspire. you can check out my poetry, blogs, and more at bwpoetry.com
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