Elegy for a ‘rose lost

Elegy for a rose lost elegy

Heady times and nearing dusk,

A day as any other,

As sudden as a storm at sea

My beloved is taken!

Gone! ……drawn from me with no warning.

My world lies desolate and shaken,

Consumed by a catastrophe,

A world already worth forsaking.

My sweet……… my sweet, sweet ‘rose !

The centre of my universe,

The object of my existence;

The meaning of my life,

The reason for my being;

What I was created for,

What I greet each day for.

Thought we would be together forever

But now she is gone, alone somewhere.

Tragic subjects are we

Bound in insensitive chains

To the arbitrary arrogance of cold destiny

The unfeeling arms of cruel fate.

In my life a dismal void,

In my heart, a disconsolate hurt.

Will I ever live again?

The mountains in the distance,

With their forests and streams,


The home of my soul,

The refuge of my tranquility.

But will I find my peace there?

Can I ever escape her memory?

The feel of her skin against mine,

Her warm breath on my neck,

The delicate lock of hair over her eyes;

Those eyes ……inquisitive, innocent, appealing,

At once enslaving with their gaze.

Will they ever cease to haunt me?

[Rose was my mare I lost some years back. Words can never do justice to what she meant to me]

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Abhijith Karthikeya

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Wannabe poet/philosopher, compulsive writer, connoisseur of English writing and all things beautiful, idealist, habitual trekker, love the wild outdoors and animals, fanatic for fitness, absolutely passionate about horses. On the other hand I am variously sentimental, naieve, an ingenuous ignoramus, an eternal romantic and an idealist who doesn't know where he's going but I'm hoping I'm on the way...
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Prajjwal Pal
Prajjwal Pal

It is a good journey!

Editorial Board

@Abhijith as always your words mesmerise and one can almost picturise your “Rose” canter into sight..The bond between the two of you is so beautifully captured by your words. The rythm and pace of your writing is like being on a ride in gentle winds.


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