Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell short poem

Welcome, welcome
I’ve waited for you.
Now pray tell,
what did you do?
Walk passed the hungry,
ignoring you knew?
Or was it more sinister
thought through
and well planned?
I see you have blood smeared
on your hands.
You humans don’t get it.
Selfishly laughing,
open-eyed blind.
Each tear you cause others
is your choice…
Not mine.

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Molly Patton

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I have been writing since 12. My imagination was my best and only friend. I sang and danced until I learned to write well.. I went wild with trees, animals, sky, wind, and oh! I love to live! I began to write songs, then poetry. I am not surprised. My eyes see a different color. I have been published in magazines but my biggest dream is to someday be found in a dresser drawer like one of my favorite poets. If I don't write I will die...
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4 Comments on "Welcome to Hell"

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Terry Watts

I like this one Molly. Good how you put the blame at the feet of man.


Never truer words spoken man has so much to answer too, whilst of course blaming all in sundrie.
Molly your wish is simuliar to my own even if the drawer be opened onehundred years hence some
family member in the future would say now its in the genes I know why I write. All forgotten but! my words on faded paper.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Wonderful poem Mooly.My favourite line is Open-eyed blind.I loved it.cheers my friend.your words are an eye-opener.May God protect us from raging Hellfire.Bravo.


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