The Call Of The Hills

The Call Of The Hills short poem

I must go to the hills again,

To those distant rolling, green slopes,

To those lonely, shrouded peaks,

To the comforting embrace of the morning mist.

I must go to the hills again,

To the sparkle of effervescent streams,

To the lure of pretty vales,

To the warmth of verdant woods.

I must go to the hills again,

To those somber sentinels of old,

A presence of strange comfort,

An abode of inexplicable peace.

I must go to the hills again,

Into the air that lifts the soul,

To the smells that thrill the senses,

To the sounds that still the mind……

…… To those moments that last forever.

God, I must go to the hills again!

For their call is a melancholy song,

A’ beckoning the weary spirit,

Leading the lonesome traveler,

A summons to the deepest heart,

A clarion that cannot be denied.

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Abhijith Karthikeya

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Wannabe poet/philosopher, compulsive writer, connoisseur of English writing and all things beautiful, idealist, habitual trekker, love the wild outdoors and animals, fanatic for fitness, absolutely passionate about horses. On the other hand I am variously sentimental, naieve, an ingenuous ignoramus, an eternal romantic and an idealist who doesn't know where he's going but I'm hoping I'm on the way...
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Now this poem touched me so. The hills yes when looking down at all around do indeed bring a peace and a feeling of beauty. Yes I enjoyed reading very much.


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