Lady Elusive

Lady Elusive long poem

In the labyrinthine corridors of life

As we wander in hope of a distant and obscure prize

It is seldom known what awaits around the next corner

Like the day when I first laid eyes upon her

An image of the most immaculate beauty

Standing there in a dress of alluring red

Her hair down to her shoulders

Her eyes mesmerizing, her smile tantalizing

My sight lingered but only for a moment

For I dared not to look long upon her

For, her visage was seductive like the woods

Mysterious, yet beckoning

Out there I could be lost forever…….

And then, as suddenly as I saw her,

She was gone!

Gone! Before my mind could even imprint her image

…….she was gone !

Oh! How I longed to see her again!

She was like a rare flash of illumination

In this seemingly interminable dreariness

of human animation

How I longed to see her again !

As my mind contemplated on the possibility

My heart hoped in desperate ardour.

The seasons changed many times since

And the rains have washed away much

Memories of the past remain

But as fleeting shadows of time

Memories of things lost remain

Aching black holes in the heart

Life is a struggle for triumphant survival

Caught in an unchanging whirlpool of dull routine

I struggle with the cold ruthlessness of

societal demands

I fight to be strong, oblivious to all else

I fight to live like I want to, to be myself.

Then like a bolt from the blue skies I see her again

Face to face we meet!

The flutter of those exquisite eyelashes

Those lips, so delicately pried could be none else’s

Yes! It was really her!

My mind though clouded by the cobwebs of time

Had never forgotten the vision of her fair countenance

Her eyes flared up

Like dry leaves afire

For my eyes would not turn away

She stood there, her lips quivering

Her cheeks changing color

And in that one long instant

As we looked at each other

It felt as though the world was mine

Then with the blissful blink of an eye

She was gone……!

Suddenly she was nowhere to be seen !

Obliterated from my view !

As though purged of existence !

I looked around in disbelief and desperation

I wandered about trying in vain to find her

To hear her voice….to feel her

But she was nowhere to be found.

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Abhijith Karthikeya

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Wannabe poet/philosopher, compulsive writer, connoisseur of English writing and all things beautiful, idealist, habitual trekker, love the wild outdoors and animals, fanatic for fitness, absolutely passionate about horses. On the other hand I am variously sentimental, naieve, an ingenuous ignoramus, an eternal romantic and an idealist who doesn't know where he's going but I'm hoping I'm on the way...
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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Hi swathi, yours poms are really beautiful.Shabeeh kamoonpuri.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Hi swathi, yours poemsare really beautiful.Shabeeh kamoonpuri.

Nakshatra Verma

The most pretty
Poem till date..

Cheree Scott

absolutely exquisite and daunting.


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